Strategies to help top executives grow, transform and construct the organization of the future.

Offshoring - Why better than Outsourcing?

10+ years of expertise in custom enterprise search solutions and IT consulting. Fully captive offshore teams. On site and remote delivery options.

  • Interaction Design


    Speed is as important as results. Would you like to wait for 1 second for the page to be populated or ms?

  • UI Design


    AWS scaling can only do so much. Especially if you have 100s of GB of search indexes. We can help you build out custom hardware and install it in a selected Datacenter of your choice.

  • UX Audit

    JVM Tuning

    Ah, the achilles heel of anything running on Java. Solr can work only as great as its JVM is tuned. Let us know, we have finetuned our JVMs to a minute degree. Well, as great as Jetty will allow us to.

  • Native App Development

    Big data Integration with Solr

    Assisting your big data initiatives with the implementation of Solr-based big data platforms, such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, etc.

  • Multi-Platform Native Development

    Solr, Elasticsearch strategy consulting

    Creating Architectural design and implementation roadmap based on your business objectives.

  • Hybrid App Development

    Solr, Elasticsearch Search application assessment

    Reviewing your technology infrastructure and provide recommendations for deploying and improving Solr search engine performance.

  • Analytics Based Improvements

    Search engine Migration

    Migrating to Solr from another search engine or moving from Solr to a new platform.

  • Platform Migration

    Flexible Technology Stacks

    MERN, MEAN, LAMP, Python and Django, Spring with Java, and Big Data with Hadoop, HBase and Yarn

  • Code Audit & Optimisation

    Multiple Database expertise

    mySQL, mongoDB, HBase, Redis

  • Managed Services

    Native iOS, Android

    We build only native Apps. None of the multi platform, js based implementations. If it is not good enough for us to use, we will not recommend it, and will definitely not build it.

What Makes Us Different

  • Hadoop | HBase Clusters

    We have been running Hadoop and HBase clusters since 2009. Looking to setup a new culster, finetune your existing setup, adding Cloudera Manager, expanding from 10 to 100s of nodes? Look no further. 10 Years of Hadoop expertise. As a Big Data Architect, We can help setup a custom Cloudera Hadoop and HBase cluster with Spark and Yarn. Our Hadoop Admin and Big Data Architect services are always on call for your Big Data needs.

  • Big Data Architects | Big Data Search Platforms

    We know how to setup and manage Hadoop, HBase clusters in record time. Run Yarn, Spark, Storm, Hive, multi data-center architecture. We have done it all. In today's world, data is growing exponentially. When your data grows beyond what can be stored and retrieved using existing OEM solutions, you need custom applications and methods to manage, store and retrieve your data at a blistering pace.

  • Big Data Development and Hardware Implementation

    We can help build these solutions for you, from storing 5 TB to 100 PB and beyond, from retrieving a single line in a log file to bulk loading, we offer custom solutions to help large enterprises grow their business and focus on customer retention using our tools. Take advantage of our infrastucture capabilities and use our U.S data center to store your Big Data or let us create a custom hosted and managed solution for you using your privately owned and operated infrastructure that you manage within your premises or datacenter.

  • Cloud Computing

    In a large scale deployment, every IT manager needs to calculate the cost of purchasing equipment, maintenance and the need for on site manpower. At the same time, every website admin needs to scale urgently with any spike in traffic growth. This is where AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Digitalocean come in. Scale as you need.

  • Data Mining and Analytics

    Banks, Telecom companies, Brokerages, e-commerce businesses all have large amounts of data, with more coming in every single minute. As Data grows, the need to find and use appropriate information does too. Custom dashboards, ELK stack implementation. We will build, develop and implement a custom analytics solution just for your requirement.

  • IT Services

    We offer full service IT consulting, specializing in the implementation and support for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our team of ERP specialists assists their clients with management, design, development, testing, training and implementation of their Financial, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship and Human Resource systems—resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. From needs assessments through system implementation, we help organizations maximize and optimize their use of technology. With 10 years of cutting and bleeding edge application development expertise, We stay ahead of the curve to enable clients to use the best software products available. Our team simplifies the transition and offers personalized technology consulting services that minimize disruptions to business operations and employee work flow. Our top priority is to work with our clients to understand their business needs and identify the correct ERP System and custom Application development services that will enable them to grow and succeed. We serve clients throughout the United States and in the New York Metro area, including New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Why Choose
Benipal as Technology Consultants?

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    Quality before Speed

    We never push unfinished, buggy code. If it takes longer, so be it. Quality is of paramount importance. A satisfied client is a great referral source for us.

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    Flexible Engagement Terms

    As Enterprise Tech Consulting experts, We are available for both short and long term contracts. Recognizing that no two clients are the same, we offer flexible terms and are more than happy to discuss should needs change in the middle of an engagement.

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