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Solr Consulting Services: 

CentOS, Lucene, SOLR, Hadoop HDFS, Yarn, MapReduce, HBase, mySQL, Storm, Spark, Kafka, Redis, MongoDB, Nodejs, Spring, Tomcat, HAProxy, Nginx, Android, iOS, Java, Parse, Firebase, geolocation, Linux, DataCenter, Networking, Elasticsearch, Solr Consultant in New York.


Creator of  Shopping Search Engine:

300 Million Products. 1.2B Titles and Descriptions. 1B+ Images. 12,000 Merchants.

● Voice Search and Image matching, recognition and search.

● Highly scalable infrastructure with average response times under 100ms.

● Contextual + Relational, neural network based Shopping Search Engine able to
understand user queries and provide exact results for “ Blue Bedspread by Martha
Stewart from Walmart or Macy' or around me for under $500”.

● High Volume Search + Big Data Infrastructure allowing Products and Search Queries
to reflect most recent state.

● Built and Managed 40 High Performance Servers in Datacenter with 10G uplinks.

Enterprise Search Solutions with Solr, HBase and Spark

Get the best enterprise search results out there. period.

Artificial Intelligence Work. Supercomputing.

Work on Computer Vision, Supercomputing and AI

Solr Consultant, Solr Consulting Services


AI Research:

● Theorized and Researched on Artificial Intelligence using various current
open source projects and how integrated usage could provide a better understanding
of neural networks and their application to live real world data scenarios by providing
computers with the ability to “understand” different datasets, “see” images and
videos and roughly match their interconnects.



● Built a 20 Tflops CPU based Super Computer with over 12TB RAM, 640 Cores and 1 PB Storage. Easy to add GPUs to increase total Floating Point computation.

● Theorized and Worked on Computer Vision with small GPU based cluster
to provide a better understanding of how neural networks can understand images and
“see” Videos.

Solr Consulting services / Search Engine Architect / AI Researcher / Supercomputing
● Added partial NLP to search, letting the computer “understand” the query.

● Created a self-healing, self-learning “Auto Product categorization” algorithm that can
automatically analyse and categorize products in any of over 30,000 available
categories. Successfully used and demonstrated success rate of around 85%.

Elasticsearch Consulting Services

Log Analysis with Kibana, ELK. Horizontal Scaling. Easy deployments.

Wholesale Shopping Marketplaces

B2B, B2C, O2O and C2C Marketplaces
Native Android and iOS Platforms

Solr Consultant, Solr Consulting Services


WANT B2B Marketplace

Global B2B Marketplace. Native Android Platform. Search powered by Solr.


Benipal B2B Marketplace

B2B Wholesale Marketplace in India. Native Android Platform. Search powered by Solr.

Native iOS, Android App Consultant

Custom Native iOS and Android App Development

Big Data, Hadoop, HBase Architecture and Deployments

Big Data and Analytics to power your Marketing and Ad spend