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Remote CTO | Virtual CTO | CTO for Hire | Startup CTO Consultant

10 Years as CTO. 10 years of Tech Architecture. Experienced Startup manager. Whether you are a startup looking to develop an MVP, a demo, or working on your first product, let us know and we can help you finetune your technology stack so you can save both money and time in development. Skills - Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, Solr, Lucene, Elasticsearch, Redis, memcached, HAProxy, Server Hardware, Datacenter Management

Hadoop | HBase Cluster management

We have been running Hadoop and HBase clusters since 2009. Looking to setup a new culster, finetune your existing setup, adding Cloudera Manager, expanding from 10 to 100s of nodes? Look no further. We know how to setup and manage Hadoop, HBase clusters in record time. Run Yarn, Spark, Storm, Hive, multi data-center architecture. We have done it all.

Linux Admin

40 Supermicro Servers built and managed for over 8 years. CentOS 6, CentOS 7. wHm, cPanel. Nginx.

Android Development

We have built over 10 Android Apps and published them on the Play Store. Highly scalable, in-memory backend architecture using, Redis, Android Studio and nodeJS, MongoDB. Are you having trouble with your existing developers? Tech architecture not scalable? Call us, we will help you develop a Android app from ground up that you can be proud of. From wireframing, Native Design in sketch to frontend and backend development, we will take care of your entire app development process.

iOS Development

Are you going down the React native route to build your iOS Apps? Don't! Let us develop an iOS app that you can be proud of. Bug Free, beautiful design conforming to best practices, developed in native Swift and XCode 10 with custom backend that is inherently scalable. Publish on App Store, run on Firebase or AWS or on your own servers.

Solr, Lucene, Elasticsearch

ELK, Solr, Lucene. We have been doing this for 10 years now. Having trouble sharding Solr? Solr cores getting the better of you? Let us know. We built and managed a extensive Solr platform with over 100 Cores, distributed on 40 servers (in-memory). Our response time? 150ms or less for 10 word long-tail queries. 10ms for something smaller. Why struggle with logstash and Kibana, we'll get it up and running for you in no time.

Benipal Technologies Team | CTO for Hire | Virtual CTO | Remote CTO | Startup CTO Consultant

Sukhbir Benipal has been working with Solr, Lucene, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, HBase, Linux, nodeJS, Redis, MongoDB, nginx and memcached for 10 years

Sukhbir Benipal

Virtual CTO | Remote CTO | Startup CTO Consultant in New York, Tri-State, San Francisco, London, Miami-Dade, Chicago, Seattle Denver, Austin, Phoenix
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