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When i challenged Google in Shopping Search in United States

Too long to explain. So i will print the press release ad verbatim. Fun part at end.

When i challenged Google in Shopping Search in United States

Too long to explain. So i will print the press release ad verbatim. Fun part at end.

Startup Ecommerce Search Engine Challenges Google and Bing in Product Search

Mar 04, 2014, 15:45 ET from Benipal LLC

benipal.com, a newly launched ecommerce search engine, today unveiled its alpha version online at http://www.benipal.com

With over 200 million products currently available from over 8,700 merchants, the benipal ecommerce search platform promises a better user experience than its competition. Built around contextual, self healing relationship search with natural language capabilities based on advanced machine intelligence and deep learning, the platform was in development for over 4 years and went through several iterations before the alpha version was unveiled.

At the heart of this new ecommerce search engine is the ability for users to search “any which way they like”, be it by unique identifiers, brands, product models, specific products sold only by specific merchants or brands, color, size, price and any combination thereof. Complementing the highly advanced search algorithm is the search engine’s interactive User Interface (UI) that assists and helps users hone their searches to quickly find the products they need with minimal clicks to finish their purchase.

The more complicated the query, the better the results.

Starting with ecommerce product search and based on the strength of its search algorithm, the benipal ecommerce platform promises a revolutionary image search engine and highly advanced travel and local search next.

“Google and Bing deliver this impression of being fair and balanced, but that is not true. They are massive advertising platforms that happen to be search engines, pushing merchant products higher or lower based on their PPC bid revenue.”

Google is fond of saying, as they stated before the United States Senate Committee, that users have a choice to go somewhere else and only come to them for their superior search. Microsoft says something similar with its “Don’t get Scroogled” campaign, but for people who know search, they are both two sides of the same coin.

Unfortunately, there is not much competition, since they both give a higher preference to their own verticals instead of any competing website.

My algorithms do something which has been the so called holy grail in search, “understanding user intent and the meaning of the query itself”. I do that exceptionally well. Analyzing the question, no matter how long, understanding it first, changing the query multiple times internally since each result set changes the meaning over and over again, and finally providing the answer with a unique contextual interface is what sets me apart.

benipal does what IBM’s Watson cannot, deal with messy real world data. Simply tuning the benipal search platform for similar public datasets as Watson, would beat Watson hands down on any parameter, any day, at 1/10th the capital cost. Unfortunately, thus far, winning Jeopardy to prove a point is not on my list of to do things.

The benipal search platform will be in beta soon, so here is to an open challenge to Google, Bing and even Watson, compete with me on my search technology, and let the world decide who is better.

Sukhbir Benipal

What Happened After this?

Ask Google. They can explain better why the European Union fined them €2.4bn.

Also ask the FTC why they let them get away with it in U.S.

Don’t ask me. I had to sell off everything to survive.

As an aside, google bots hit https://benipal.com around 1M+ times a day to crawl. Same exact merchant datafeeds — benipal and Google Shopping. “benipal” data was x times much better and cleaner.

How many results did they display from benipal.com shopping search engine?

C’mon man.

Who am I?


Do i regret it?

Lol. Not one bit.

Why not?

My search technology was and still is far superior to Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart, Amazon A9. Not to mention HPE/Autonomy, Oracle, SAP HANA offerings.

How long did it take me?

From start to finish. 6.5 years. Jan 2009 to Sep 2015.

How much money?

All of it.

Did i raise funds?


Why did i do it?

I had something to prove. To myself.

Plus anyone else would have done it wrong.

Am i a genius?

Possibly. Kanye West in South Park episode Season 13; Episode 5 (Fish Sticks) can better explain.

What i say to Google?

That EU fine was a bit late coming.

What i am doing NOW?

Lots of things. Check out our Play Store (ah, the irony!) Apps — https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8439696984165862320

What happened with the Shopping Search engine?

Still there. Using first version on ROAD + WANT Marketplaces. Check it out on our Android Apps.

Will start using final version as marketplaces grow.

And i still say, thousands of engineers and all we got is Cats —