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How to Build a Super Computer

Have money

How to Build a Super Computer

  1. Have money
  2. Know Networks
  3. Don’t listen to Dell, Lenovo, Cray. Russians.
  4. Do it yourself.

Build servers. As many as you can.

Hook them up on the fastest 100G/10G network you can afford. Learn networking! Very important.

Use multiple 100G + 10G switches in Spine Leaf Topology. Make sure you get 10G in/out at each node.

Use Infiniband if you can afford it. At least SFP.

Install Rocks.

Cluster Specs:

Intel Xeon E5 2690 v1. 8C, 16T. x2

Samsung M386B4G70DM0-YK3 32GB DDR3 + Samsung M393B2G70BH0-YK0 16GB DDR3. Multiple Configs. x24

Supermicro SAS Board — X9DR7-TF+

Supermicro 920W Chassis — SC826BA-R920LPB

128GB OS SSD — Samsung 840 Pro

1TB SSD — Samsung 850 Evo

Multi-network. Triple redundant.

Western Digital WD4001FYYG 4TB SAS x10

x 43

This was in 2012

Benchmark on linpack. Remember to submit to Top 500 or whatever. Don’t be like me.

Remember, Tflops don’t matter. What matters is whether it is CPU only, CPU + GPU majority or CPU majority + some GPU.

That’s All, Folks.