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Benipal Technologies

 We know Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch - Developers of a large shopping search engine with 300 Millon products, 1 Billion Images and 1.2 Billion Buying choices in the United States.

Built on a forked Lucene and custom Solr deployment with 40 handbuilt Supermicro servers, 1TB Index in RAM, 250 Cores and more - We definitely know search engines. 1 word response times - 5ms. 3 word queries - 50ms. 10 words - 150ms. Yes, that fast!

So if you are a enterprise or a middle market company or even just a startup looking for perfect search results with solr or elasticsearch, having trouble indexing your large datasets or just struggling with search performance on your AWS deployments, give us a call. We know Solr. We know how to fix it.

Benipal Technologies provides Solr Consulting in New York, Elasticsearch Consulting in San Francisco, Cloudera Hadoop Admin in Austin, HBase Cluster Architect in Chicago and startup CTO Services in New York, San Francisco, London, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Denver,

Skills - Solr, Lucene, Elasticsearch, Android, iOS, Hadoop, HBase, Linux, nodeJS, Redis, MongoDB, nginx and memcached.

Just a sample of what we can do for you, no matter where you are based. 


On-Site. Remote. Captive Teams.

Hadoop | HBase Clusters

We have been running Hadoop and HBase clusters since 2009. Looking to setup a new culster, finetune your existing setup, adding Cloudera Manager, expanding from 10 to 100s of nodes? Look no further.

10 Years of Hadoop expertise. As a Big Data Architect, We can help setup a custom Cloudera Hadoop and HBase cluster with Spark and Yarn. Our Hadoop Admin and Big Data Architect services are always on call for your Big Data needs.

Enterprise Search Solutions, Enterprise Search Consulting, Solr Consulting, Elasticsearch Consulting

Big Data Development and Hardware Implementation

We can help build these solutions for you, from storing 5 TB to 100 PB and beyond, from retrieving a single line in a log file to bulk loading, we offer custom solutions to help large enterprises grow their business and focus on customer retention using our tools.

Take advantage of our infrastucture capabilities and use our U.S data center to store your Big Data or let us create a custom hosted and managed solution for you using your privately owned and operated infrastructure that you manage within your premises or datacenter.

Enterprise Search Solutions, Enterprise Search Consulting, Solr Consulting, Elasticsearch Consulting

Big Data Architects | Big Data Search Platforms

We know how to setup and manage Hadoop, HBase clusters in record time. Run Yarn, Spark, Storm, Hive, multi data-center architecture. We have done it all. In today's world, data is growing exponentially.

When your data grows beyond what can be stored and retrieved using existing OEM solutions, you need custom applications and methods to manage, store and retrieve your data at a blistering pace.

Enterprise Search Solutions, Enterprise Search Consulting, Solr Consulting, Elasticsearch Consulting

Cloud Computing

In a large scale deployment, every IT manager needs to calculate the cost of purchasing equipment, maintenance and the need for on site manpower. At the same time, every website admin needs to scale urgently with any spike in traffic growth.

This is where AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Digitalocean come in. Scale as you need.

Enterprise Search Solutions, Enterprise Search Consulting, Solr Consulting, Elasticsearch Consulting


Better Shopping Search

Timeline of Ecommerce Consulting Solutions Implementation

From start to finish. Implementing Enterprise Search and eCommerce Search


Sketch it by Hand. Use Balsamiq. But whatever you do, do not neglect the most important part.

Even if it takes a month!

Responsive Design

No website is complete today without responsive design. Clients, Employees, Users, everyone wants to be able to see results on their desktop, laptop, mobile.

Architect and Code

This is the grunt work. 


Test. Test. Test.


The fun part.


Time to handover the project. 


Ecommerce Search Solutions with Solr, HBase and Spark

Get the best shopping search results out there. period.

eCommerce Search Solutions and Implementation.

We are a small ecommerce consulting firm. Yes. But how many times have you had implementation issues with your big contract providers? Impersonal service. Low level resources assigned to your enterprise search consulting and implementation tasks?

Over time. Over budget. No Answers?

We deal with you one on one. Personally. Our ecommerce search consulting services will deliver your search implementation on time, on budget and you will always get the resources you pay for. No over billing, no hidden expenses.

We will meet with you in person, understand each and everything about your search requirement and then begin the enterprise search implementation.

10+ Years Of Ecommerce Search Experience

We know Enterprise Search. We know search engines. Our enterprise search consulting services will handle all aspects of your search requirements.

Onsite and Offshore Delivery

We provide both on-site and offshore remote delivery with our Solr consulting services. We hate outsourcing, we prefer to work with you as a fully captive team with complete oversight and daily scrum. We will sit down with you, understand each and every requirement and implement best solutions onsite.

Quality before Speed - Git, Jira, Scrum

We never push unfinished, buggy code. If it takes longer, so be it. Quality is of paramount importance. A satisfied client is a great referral source for us. As a Solr consulting firm, we know the importance of a satisfied enterprise search client.

Flexible Engagement Terms - Ecommerce Search Implementation - Solr Consulting Services

We are available for both short and long term contracts. Recognizing that no two clients are the same, we offer flexible terms and are more than happy to discuss should needs change in the middle of an engagement.

Enterprise Search Solutions, Enterprise Search Consulting, Solr Consulting, Elasticsearch Consulting

Solr Cloud Implementation.

Better Search. Enterprise Search. ECommerce Search.


Blazing Fast Open Source Solr Search

Elasticsearch Implementation.

Get better search with out Elasticsearch Consulting services. We will make sure you are satisfied as a client.

Get in touch with us today to help implement enterprise search for your corporate with our solr consulting services and custom search implementations.


Get the power of Elasticsearch with ELK

How we Implement your enterprise and ecommerce search

Whether you are an enterprise, a marketplace or a shopping website. We like to sit down with you, understand your needs, see where your data is, and how and what you want your search results to look like. And go from there.


Requirement Gathering

The most important Phase. Mess this up and you have nothing left to go on. We understand the how and and why of what you need. And explain how we will assist.


Project Planning

Working backwards from the end result the client seeks, we plan the entire project from soup to nuts and make sure, you the client, sign off on each phase before we start writing the first line of code.


Coding and Testing

The grunt work. We spend double the amount on testing as we do on writing code.


Implementation and Deployment

The last hoorah. We implement, deploy and finetune. Till you, the client, are satisfied.

eCommerce Consultant in New York

iOS Shopping Apps with Solr Search

Build your entire Shopping app experience around a great search experience. Amazingly fast search results, page views and more.

Building Amazing ECommerce Marketplaces and Shopping Websites with Great Search

ecommerce marketplaces. B2B, B2C, O2O and C2C. Built for scale. With amazing search implementation.

ECommerce Search and ECommerce Consulting Services

Shopping search engines. How does 300 Million products, 1 Billion Images and 12,000 Merchants sound? Results in under 10ms!

Enterprise Search Solutions, Enterprise Search Consulting, Solr Consulting, Elasticsearch Consulting

Android eCommerce Marketplaces with Solr Search

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Massive scale search with HBase and Solr. Custom MRIndexers. Build search indexes in Hadoop.

Large scale Hadoop, HBase and Yarn clusters. 20 Billion records in HBase. Not an easy feat. That is what we deployed.

Millions of concurrent Users. Optimal use of multi DNS, nginx and Haproxy to ensure millions of users can stay logged in simultaneously.

Logistics services. Hyperlocal delivery. Two sided delivery marketplaces. We have built and deployed large scale custom logistics solutions.

eCommerce Website Search. Shopping marketplaces. Enterprise Search Consulting.

We can build, integrate perfect enterprise search solutions with native android, iOS apps and react websites

Our Solr Implementation in Search, Shopping Marketplaces, Logistics Platforms, Social Networking.

Shopping Search Engine. B2B Marketplace. C2C Marketplace. Logistics Platform. Social Networking. 


300M Products. 20B Matching points.

Shopping Search Engine

Shopping search engine with 300M Products, 1B Images, 1.2B Titles and Descriptions, 20B data matching points.


Image Search.

Global B2B Wholesale Marketplace

Complete B2B Wholesale Marketplace platform powered by custom built Solr search. Capable of Billion+ products and Images with 10ms response times.


Live 2 Sided Marketplace.

Hyperlocal Logistics Platform

Hyperlocal Logistics Platform with on demand delivery service.


Social Network powered by Solr Graph.

Social Networking for teens

Location based search powered by Solr