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Sukhbir Benipal

Sukhbir Benipal

CEO + Chief Thinker

Sukhbir is our CEO. He is the brain behind the heuristic learning search algorithm used by the benipal™ shopping search engine and envisaged the social e-commerce platform, local and wholesale WANT Marketplaces.

He created our India B2B Wholesale marketplace - benipal, our Bitcoin only Marketplace - ROAD market, Business Social Network - want, Social Parenting Network - Chanobaby and live social gaming for school and college students, beni! - Hot or Not - One Pic only and was the architect for the benipal™ shopping search engine

He is in technology due to an epiphany, caused partly by sufficient quantities of argentinian wine on a cold winter night in New York. Having infamously flunked his M.A Economics exam, Sukhbir went on to run a Commercial Real Estate Finance company in Manhattan where he helped arrange over $ 500M in financing for different Hotels and Office Buildings.

He is responsible for code deployment across platforms and maintains our Hadoop / HBase, Search, Database and API backend clusters at our U.S datacenter.

Sukhbir went on to further create a self healing neural network with advanced image recognition and search for the benipal™ shopping search engine and built his own 10 TFlops supercomputer with 12TB RAM to help run it. For the benipal™ shopping search engine, he built a ms response, massive multi PB scale image storage and delivery system. He also built his own 10G Router in 3 hours after finding out in the datacenter that Cisco would be too expensive.

He enjoys driving in the upper Himalayan ranges and likes building CentOS servers, having built his first one from scratch in two hours after reading an online how-to. His current server build / disassemble time stands at 45 minutes. Knows nothing about writing code and has an opinion on pretty much everything.

Thinks supercomputing is fun and Proud of his failure(?) with Artificial Intelligence, He also believes in Eric Cartman.